Executive Summary

Law for All Legal Aid Society  has been operating since  2011.We have branches in various towns and cities within the Zimbabwean borders, headed by qualified, professional and experienced staff members who are always ready to assist. We function on a membership basis, whereby members pay subscriptions either monthly or annually depending on their preferences. This entitles each member to use all the unique and professional services provided for.

                               Our Mission

 To provide customer-oriented legal aid to individuals and companies, thereby allowing them affordable access to justice

                                                                                                                                      Our Vision         

   To be the preferred provider of legal assistance

                              Our Mandate                                                                                 

                To help fight against inequality and abandonment of human rights arising from an imbalance in bargaining power

Our Core Values


  • To maintain high levels of integrity,  diligence, accountability and responsibility that shall always earn us a reputation for honesty and reliability
  • Commitment to honouring our members' interests and ensuring high levels of confidentiality.
  • To recognise the diversity of our clientele and acknowledge individual member's preference.
  • To stand for justice, fairness and honesty in a democratic society.
  • To give our members the legal power to enforce and defend their rights through professional legal representation.
  • To safeguard the legal rights of our members, no matter who the transgressor is.
  • To maintain high quality standards of our services

Why Join Us

  • Being exploited is costly. Not having a lawyer on your side when you need one is even more costly. As a member of Law for All Legal Aid Society, you get immediate assistance for all legal challenges and payment is made directly to the lawyer. We pay as per Law for All terms and conditions.

  • Once you join us, you do not have to worry about unforeseen legal challenges or costs. Our 24 hour Legal Line to professional assistance anywhere in the country means 24 hour peace of mind. Be legally prepared, whether you are sued or you wish to sue someone.

Why Choose Us

  • We stand for justice, fairness and honesty in a democratic society.
  • We protect the legal rights of our members no matter who the transgressor
  • We give our members the  legal power to enforce  and  defend  their  rights  through professional legal representation.
  • We have several years experience in the field and hundreds of our members benefit every year.
  • Where ever you are in Zimbabwe, we have a branch  near  you  with  competent  staff committed to give you the best service.
  • We are essentially just for our members

Our Packages

Law for All Legal Aid Society's policies cater for all social classes, thus legal aid is provided to ALL. Our diverse membership options allow for both the rich and the poor to be represented accordingly. After receipt of the third premium, our members are entitled   to legal representation where necessary. Our reputation is such that one phone call to a Law for All legal advisor results in immediate action. When we are called to act, we commit to high quality service and promise that win or lose; we cover the costs for our members

What is covered

  • Face to face consultation with a Legal Advisor, who will give professional legal advice on all issues of the law
  • Negotiations and  correspondence    with  third parties on your behalf.
  • Legal assistance and    advice  regarding  basic legal documents, e.g. wills and contracts.
  • Debt relief  g. settlement  negotiations,consolidations, payment extensions, assistance with clearing blacklisted names.
  • Legal advice and legal education regarding court procedures.
  • Legal advice  and  representation on CIVIL MATTERS,CRIMINAL MATTERS and LABOUR MATTERS
  • Assistance with Third-Party
  • Bail application
  • Debt collection
  • Assistance  with  divorce  and  maintenance matters