Welcome to Law For All Legal Aid Society

Law for All Legal Aid Society gives you access to professional, affordable legal services anywhere around Zimbabwe through a vibrant and committed team, giving you the peace of mind that you shall always cherish. Almost without exception, all individuals will experience legal problems in their lives. Legal rights do not distinguish between a highly skilled and a poorly skilled person, between rich or poor. Legal problems do not pick their victims. In life, there are certain situations that you cannot avoid, change or runaway from. When legal problems knock at your door, you cannot ignore them. You need to respond. Whether you are right or wrong, it is your responsibility to take the appropriate action. Not everyone is familiar with the legal processes. That's why you need a Lawyer by your side at all times.

Did You Know That…


Most people do not want to have to go to court if they can possibly help it.Courts are forbidding places and most people have little or no experience of them. Just the idea of going to court can send shivers down the spine.
When people need to visit the courts,they are often a bit confused about how to dress,where and when to stand or what to say.
Let me give you a few hints here:
1.Wear appropriate clothing.
2.Switch off your cellphone.
3.Make sure you sit in the right place.
4.Follow the instructions of the court officials.
Courts deserve to be respected.
Don't be charged with contempt of court by failing to observe these simple rules. 

Our Vision

        To be the preferred provider of Legal Assistance.

Our Mission

   To provide customer oriented Legal Assistance
    to  individuals and companies,thereby allowing
                them affordable access to justice.


Our Values

To maintain high levels of integrity, diligence, accountability and responsibility that shall always earn us a reputation for honesty and reliability.