What is NOT covered by Law for All


Political matters

A dispute between a member and US or any of OUR employees or agents

All disbursements are not covered by any of our policies

If I decide to terminate my policy, do I get a refund for my contributions?

No. Refunds are only given on contributions that have been erroneously deducted.

How long does the policy take to mature?

Premiums are payable until one reaches the age of 65 , after which they will receive free services for the policy they were subscribing to until they die.

If I join Law for All Legal Aid Society, am I assured of winning all cases?

The court will exercise its discretion on determining who wins or loses BUT Law for All Legal Aid Society gives you a tried and tested lawyer to represent you in court and see to it that you receive the best and satisfactory service.

Does Law for All Legal Aid Society represent me in court?

The correct position is that Law for All is a legal aid society and not a law firm. Our mandate is to pay the legal bill only. We give access to professional legal services for our members.

If I continue to pay my premiums without any claim, What eventually happens?

Your premiums will entitle you to free service when you reach the age of 65.

If I die,What happens to my dependants?

Dependants will continue to enjoy legal cover for six months without contributions after the death of a member. Thereafter they can either  continue with subscriptions or the policy then lapses. We encourage all our members to advise their families of the existence of their policy so that they will get assistance on the estate in the event of the death of the member.

This also applies to cases of job loss, incapacitation or retrenchment. This benefit is available to those who would have contributed for at least twelve months.

What happens if I exhaust my cover limit?

If you exhaust your cover limit you have to pay the shortfall. However you have an option of upgrading your policy three months in advance in order to remain covered.

Does Law for All legal Aid cover me for cases that occurred before I became a member?

No. Law for All does not cover pending cases. BUT if you join us, we will refer you to our lawyers and you foot your own bill

What happens if I am arrested outside Zimbabwe?

Law for All Legal Aid Society covers you for legal concerns within Zimbabwean borders only. We have branches around the country and our nearest branch office will assist you at your time of need.

There are many Legal Aid Societies around. Why should I join Law for All?

At Law for All Legal Aid Society we stand for justice, fairness and honesty. We protect the legal rights of our members no matter who the transgressor is. We also give our members the power to enforce their legal rights through professional legal representation.